iATKOS M (Mac OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks)

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iATKOS  M (Mac OS X Mavericks)

iATKOS M is the Mavericks version of the OSX86 installer releases of iATKOS team.

– iATKOS M is a personal 7.5GB hybrid multi-partition dmg image file and it can only be installed using 8GB or bigger USB Flash Stick/HDD.
You will have to restore the iATKOS M installer dmg image file to your target USB Flash Stick/HDD by following the instructions and boot with the USB device to install the system.
You can restore the dmg image to USB Flash on a PC (with Windows/Linux) or on a Mac.

– iATKOS M is both for Real Macs and PC’s.

– iATKOS M dmg image includes 3 bootloader options to boot the iATKOS M USB installer on your PC.
You can boot iATKOS M USB installer with Clover UEFI, Clover Legacy, Chameleon Legacy bootloaders of your choice and you can install any of them to your target computer.
This release is prepared to support wider range of computers by its hybrid multi-boot structure.

– For Macs, you can just boot with the iATKOS M USB by just selecting it on the boot device selection screen.
Press and hold ‘alt/option’ key after pressing the Power button of your Mac until the boot devices menu comes up.

– iATKOS M is designed only for Native Installation.
No Virtual Machine installations (Virtual Box/VMWare/Parallels etc.)

– Easy installation on Software RAID volumes. No additional user actions needed.

– Network, Sound, Graphics, SATA/IDE and some other devices will be auto-detected and mostly auto-configured according to your hardware setup.

– iATKOS M is designed for Clean installation.
You can migrate your Data/Accounts/Applications from another system using Migration Assistant after installation.

– Using software updater to apply main system updates just like Real Macs is possible using iATKOS M on most of the compatible computers.

– Like the previous iATKOS releases, iATKOS M is designed to run better on more compatible computers because of its original/vanilla/retail base system.

– UEFI/Legacy multi-boot operations (Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux) are easier.

– Wide range of options to make basic hardware work.

System Requirements :

– QuadCore Intel Core i5-3330, 3000 MHz
– Asus P8H61-M LX2 R2.0
– 8 ГБ DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1 ГБ)
– VIA VT1708S @ Intel Cougar Point PCH – High Definition Audio Controller
– Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
– AMI BIOS (09/02/2013)

It might be not work with all system, do with your own risk


PASSWORD : www.ngedown.com

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